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SOP for Supermarkets

With the retail industry undergoing fluctuations for the last few years, there is an increasing insistence to decrease costs and increase operations efficiency. SOP has become more crucial for the retail market today in the

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics

As more and more companies pivot to online-only sales to avoid disruptions and survive amidst the fluctuating business landscape, it becomes vital for online retailers to understand that it takes more than an online storefront

International Industry Standards for Dark Stores

As the world tries to adjust to the “new normal” due to the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping has become the most convenient way of shopping. Moreover, online shopping has become the most favourable choice of

How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery Business in Africa?

Going out to local stores to buy groceries and standing in long queues for billing is challenging especially for working professionals due to their hectic schedules. In this technology-driven world where the use of smartphones

Loss Prevention in Retail

Profit shrinkage – whether it be due to employee theft, shoplifting, or vendor theft, etc. – is a very great challenge for retailers – both big and small. IT can take away hard-earned profits even

How online e-commerce is helping existing Businesses to Improve their Productivity

E-commerce has modified the way business is done across the globe. Today, most of the companies working on the brick and mortar model are turning towards having a digital presence to increase their productivity and

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