FMCG/ EGrocery

Customer behaviour has tilted towards eCommerce; opening up new economic avenues for eGrocery business in the African continent.

Luxury Retail

With steady economic growth, urbanization, and changing demographics, Africa’s latent luxury market is awakening big.

Fashion Retail

A strongly growing proportion of youth in Africa’s demographic landscape has already opened the floodgates of its fashion retail market.

Restaurants / Cloud Kitchen

Africa’s strong urbanization will be a big driving force in propelling the growth of restaurants and cloud kitchens here.

Warehouse / Distribution Centre

Even with fulfilment hubs, warehouses and distribution centres have a macro role to play for Africa’s retail industry.

Dark Stores

With pro-retail demographic trends, dark stores will soon begin to have a stronger presence in Africa.

Health & Wellness

Rising consciousness for a healthy body and mind is a global phenomenon and Africa is no exception.


South Africa dominates the African auto industry but in a continent of more than 1 billion people, possibilities galore.

Salon/ Beauty

19/20 youngest countries in the world are in Africa. Gen Z (partially), Gen Y keep the personal care market busy.

Fulfilment Centres

Given the infrastructural challenges in many regions of Africa, setting up an eCommerce fulfilment centre will involve expert planning.

Online Marketplace

The online marketplace platforms in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are leading the way for Africa’s retail eCommerce.

Cross Border ECommerce

Cross border eCommerce could exponentially swell Africa’s international retail trading with the rest of the world.

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