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Covid-19 has affected the lives of every person in the world. The pandemic has also brought a transformation in the shopping habits of the people, totally negating the old ones. It is not wrong to say that the shopping needs are handled in a totally different way after the lockdowns worldwide as more and more people began shopping online. A good business is only one that adapts to the ongoing trends of the market. D2C e-commerce business model is one such trend that has made its place in the market in the last few years and has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. 


What is D2C ecommerce consulting?


The traditional approach for the sale purchase of the product is different from nowadays, where the retailers and the wholesalers were the middlemen between the manufacturers and the consumers. The items were purchased in bulk from the original makers and were sold to the customers having so many middlemen in between, thus increasing the cost of the item to double or triple the original price of the items. This process was time-consuming and also burdening the end consumers who had to pay a lot for a simple item. 


The D2C process is undergoing a lot of changes nowadays according to the market trends to adjust in the competitive market. The technologies and the market strategies are changing the approach to the selling of the products directly to the customers through online mode, hence cutting a lot of intermediate costs. With this new process where everything from an inventory to the advertising is digital, providing the final product to the customers has become very convenient. The retailers are directly related to the manufacturers who sell their products and all the branding and packaging depends on the brand of the retailers and the products are sold according to their USP. The role of middlemen is totally negated under this process.

Direct to Consumers (D2C) Company Trends in Retail

The D2C companies are totally changing customers’ perception of the shopping experience after the pandemic. The relationship between the customers and the shopkeepers has been completely reshaped resulting in a complete solution to the D2C and B2B e-Commerce making a streamlined approach to the market. 


The D2C business model examples like Super Smelly who has set a perfect example for the skincare brands against its marketing strategy which has led to the tremendous growth of the brand even in such a pandemic. Here’s why the D2C model is trending in the retail market these days:

Less turnaround time

The turnaround time has been shortened in this approach as it typically shortens the overall process which is involved. The new approach has come as a complete solution for D2C and B2B e-Commerce. The product launch in the D2C process is synonymous with speeding up the process and reducing the turnaround time.

Easy customization

This process has made customization easy for the retailers as the product is directly provided to them. The retailers can easily customize the product packaging and marketing according to their branding strategy which makes it a personalized approach for the retailers removing all the hurdles in between.

Dynamic content

Communication is the key to a successful business and that depends on the dynamic content that you present to the customers. The online branding gives the chance to retailers to present their goods in eye-rolling advertising which will judge the customer outbreak of the brand. Online advertisement focuses on branding as well as providing knowledge to the customers.

Gives the chance to the smaller brands

The online market gives a chance to the smaller brands to present their goods easily so that the customers can have all the brands at a place which makes the comparison easy for them. Also, it gives the smaller brands a chance to grow their business as their future depends on not only their product quality but mainly the branding e-commerce branding strategy they prefer for their products.

Benefits to D2C Market

There are quite a few benefits associated with the D2C model, some of which are mentioned below:

The retailers have easy price control over the products in this process along with control over the brand perception. With the easy communication with the customer’s say on the price points, there is an easy way for the retailers to set a price for their product seeing the market price with a way of branding and the profit strategy.

The process of D2C e-Commerce consulting reduces the time process of the branding and packaging done after the production process of the product. This new approach of the businesses reduces the time where the advance orders were to be placed for the production which took a long time in the process. But nowadays, the products are just directly bought from the manufacturers according to the demand in the market.

There is easy mitigation and assessment of risk in this process as there is an easy analysis of the market which can be done by the retailers. Every seller and the details of the product is online, so there is no hidden branding and credentials of any business which gives the chance to the retailers for easy analysis of the risk.

Pandemic has told us that nothing is permanent in our lives, and this is also valid in businesses. Every business needs to come up with unique strategies to sustain and excel in the market. The future of the D2C market is very bright if used with a proper approach and proper branding. It is the most effective approach sustaining in this changing market trends and will help the small as well as big brands to grow in the market with transparency.

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