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Our journey

Our journey began in 2012 with three partners coming together to form Your Retail Coach (YRC) with the vision of providing retail consultancy services to businesses of all sizes including family-run businesses. Back then, it was a small office space, to begin with, but the challenges were immense. And as a forerunner, was introducing retail consultancy as a service that could help businesses become competitive, growth-ready, and sustainable. It was a big hurdle to establish a niche position in the market and compete against the standards set by many globally-renowned retail management consultant companies.

By 2016, eCommerce began to emerge as a ubiquitous game-changer in retail. We had to quickly adapt to this changing landscape by extending our specialization into omnichannel and eCommerce.

Today, we stand as specialized retail and eCommerce consultants with an invaluable journey of having consulted over 500+ brands. And as we go global, we shall endeavour to emerge as one of the most trusted and dependable names when businessmen and entrepreneurs look for retail and eCommerce consultants for Africa.

Service areas

Retail Consulting Africa

ECommerce Consulting Africa

Franchise Consulting Africa


We are driven by a sense of mission and that is what we seek in people we work with. This puts us head-on with some of the world’s finest boutique retail consulting firms.

YRC moves forward with the vision of being an all-weather strategic management consultant and trusted partner for growth strategy consulting delivering the best services and management solutions in retail and eCommerce.

We believe in specialization and innovation and thus, we have always been agile to adopt new and digital ways of doing business.

We rejoice in the divergence in consulting methodologies, our clientele, the industries that we serve and our processes.


Expert retail & eCommerce consulting solutions

Focus on a limited number of clients

Dedicated team for special attention and specialized services

Industries we cater to

YRC specializes in 20+ business verticals:

ECommerce | Online Business

Apparel | Clothing


Hotel | Fine Dine

Electronics | Home Appliances

Research | Analytics

Books | Stationery | Toys

Professional Services

Salon | Spa

Distributors & Dealers

Restaurant | QSR

Furniture | Furnishings

Education | Coaching

Jewellery | Luxury Goods


Automobile | Accessories

Gym | Fitness Club

Films | Entertainment

Warehouse Consulting

Tyre & Wheels

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