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Brick & Mortar / Physical Stores

With a population of more than 1 billion, the African continent is headed towards becoming the world’s biggest retail market.

E-commerce / Online Stores

The success of online retailing in many African countries is a welcome sign for the interested businessmen and entrepreneurs.

SOP Development

SOPs make your business more process-driven and less people-dependent.

Franchising your brand

Franchising could be an easier way for market entry and business expansion but the rules and the working arrangements have to be defined.

Business Model Development

Mapping the value chain and internal capabilities required to deliver the intended offering and making revenue.

Market Research

Assessing the market for demand, competition, channels, and other important variables.

Business Plan Development

The vision of profitability speaks through financial planning and projections.

Business Strategy Consulting (Retail & E-commerce)

‘That’s how it will work’ – the alignment of ‘what to achieve’ with ‘how to achieve’.

HR Consulting

Be an organization where people take pride in to be a part of.

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