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An adverse lifestyle is a harbinger of an unhealthy body and mind. A 10-hour/day work life and a relentless run for materialistic survival and growth day after day for years is something our bodies and minds have not evolved to embrace; this is only a recent phenomenon if we consider human history. People in rural areas do not suffer from health issues as much as their urban counterparts do. They work no less but their lifestyles are more aligned with nature and there are more physical activities in their day-to-day living. The irony sometimes is that people take a shot at their fitness and wellness regimes like a job they can finish by doing something. Getting our body and mind in great shape are long-term objectives and also, an inherent feature of being human.

But with economic growth, urbanization is inevitable which brings up the urban way of living. And the big void of deprived physical and mental wellness arising from living a life in a metro is attempted to be addressed through fitness activities and wellness care.

Steady economic growth and urbanization are two distinctive features of the new Africa. There are a number of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa that are experiencing these two phenomena. These are also the countries where one could easily find gym/sports and wellness centres in any of their major cities. Some of these countries are South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, and Uganda.

For businessmen and entrepreneurs interested in the health and wellness industry of Africa, the aforementioned countries could hold promising markets for them. To succeed at it, they must do their business planning and implementation right.

Challenges in Health and Wellness Business

Lack of brand positioning and UVP

Most of the local fitness and wellness centres have no clear brand positioning strategy. With the homogeneity of services, creating a strong distinguishing identity and unique value for customers is crucial for businesses in this sector. The target market is an important consideration here and understanding customer behaviour and expectations is a far more critical one. A good market research and analytics could be of immense help here which will further aid in developing a robust business model. A good business model will help in choosing the right competitive stance. The whole activity requires a professional approach and is the outcome of a concerted and comprehensive effort. In order to set your health and wellness business right, you can take the help of Health and wellness consulting services for Strategy and Solutions formulation.

Poor acquisition efforts

Using local influencers no longer serves as an effective promotional strategy unless we are talking about someone with national or international repute. In the age of the internet and information, customer acquisition is a difficult task. Pricing discounts work but only when services and facilities provided are at par with the prevailing market standards. Customers do examine their options before making the final decision. Digital marketing cannot be dodged but before that, the UVP and brand positioning strategy must be crystal clear. To make clear marketing strategy expertise from a health wellness business consulting firm is needed.

Quality of trainers and staff

No matter what positioning strategy you adopt or content you promote via digital marketing, if your trainers and staff are not well-behaved, well-trained, and technically sound, you would inadvertently be having in place an internal mechanism to lose customers. What is worse is not having a reporting and feedback system to gain your customers’ perspectives on the quality of the front-line team. The challenge here is having a sound recruitment strategy, provision for training and development, a robust audit and reporting mechanism, an effective performance management system, and a competitive compensation structure. For this Health and wellness consulting services help to hire the right people for the right position.

Location, Layout and Logistics

Depending on the form of the health and wellness enterprise, three key variables – location, layout, and logistics play a decisive role in acquisition, conversion and retention. A good layout plan can answer your space requirements and help you make the most out of that space. For a yoga centre, choosing a location that is conveniently away from the hustle and bustle of the city is of utmost importance. For a gym also, locational analysis is important. Hitting the gym routinely is an infamous excuse for so many people. Then there are problems with evening traffic and tight morning schedules. The challenges are slightly different for equipment stores. A retail storefront is necessary for fitness equipment and accessories. But the problem arises with merchandising bulky products, for which a warehousing solution becomes imminent. For the product-based omnichannel/online businesses in this sector, planning for location, layout, and logistics is similar to how it is done in eCommerce – choosing strategic locations for distribution and fulfilment centres, efficient layout planning optimized for order fulfilment, and addressing the logistics and delivery operation.

Post-sales service

Customers have serious concerns about the post-sales services when it comes to fitness equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, home gyms, rowing machines, etc. Even if there is a warranty, the guarantee of quick and reliable services remains a distant endeavour for customers in smaller cities and towns. That line “somebody from the company will contact you” is not working for retailers. After making a bulky investment in these products, customers feel hopeless when the service levels are below any standard expectations. This is something retailers must address at the business model development stage.

How YRC can help in you through Health and Wellness Business Consulting Services - Strategy and Solutions: a glimpse

Keeping in mind the challenges faced by businesses in this sector and following the best industry practices, YRC brings forth its domain expertise in retail and eCommerce to help entrepreneurs and businessmen establish a robust and competitive health and wellness business enterprise. Highlighted below are some of our health wellness business consulting services for Africa.

In building a sustainable business, good market research is one of the preliminary requirements. Better market insights lead to better, informed decision-making on important areas like identifying and targeting potential market segments, assessing competition, demand and price analysis, location feasibility study, etc. Our team of experts in wellness and healthcare business consulting shall also present recommendations and CTAs based on a comprehensive study and analysis.

In business model development, our goal is to help you build a strong UVP-based business model and formulate the strategic framework defining the value chain and network of internal capabilities required to deliver the intended UVP. Whether it is skin clinic consulting, dental clinic consulting, pharmacy consulting services for Africa or any other health and wellness business, YRC’s dedicated Health and wellness consulting services- Strategy and Solutions consultants will help you build the right business model.

In business plan development, we follow a detailed, comprehensive, and systematic process to arrive at the key financial projections and assessments to help you assess the commercial viability of your business ambitions. Here, we cover the estimation of the capital and initial investment requirements, operational expenditure, sales turnover, costing, purchase and inventory planning, profit and loss projections, ROI and break-even analysis, etc.

YRC’s layout planning experts in wellness and healthcare consulting services shall help you prepare a robust layout planning for your health and wellness centre, warehouse, and fulfilment centre considering the nature and requirements of your business. These considerations include the intended customer experience to be delivered, optimized space utilization, zone classification, visual appeal, centre/store security, and more.

Given the importance of trained staff in the health and wellness sector, for staff training programs we carry out job analyses, define the roles and responsibilities, assess the skill requirements, study existing working procedures, design training modules, create training calendars, etc.


We are a boutique retail consulting firm. To know more about our health and wellness business consulting services or if you have any query, drop us a message and we will get back to you.

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