Using a robust IT system for your eCommerce business ensures that everything works together and is consistent with each other, resulting in increased productivity. 

The concept of IT integration in Ecommerce refers to the relationship between the front-end components, like a website, and the supporting back-end systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc.

Using software makes it easy to administrate inventory management, order receiving, order fulfillment, courier management, and reports analytics to understand the business progression. It covers the doubts and issues such as why the customer is not buying your product, what may be the reason behind slow-moving products, what is the bounce rate of your website, etc. However, if you wish to start with selling on just marketplaces like Flipkart or Amazon,  most of the features mentioned above will be provided by that platform. In the case of your own website, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the software to run eCommerce businesses smoothly. Everything is readily available in the market,  but it is always advisable to consult an E-commerce consultant to avoid any loose steps. 

Below mentioned are some of the tools that are popular in eCommerce:

  • Shopify/Unicommerce – By providing e-commerce businesses with solutions designed for anyone running an online business, platforms like Shopify and Unicommerce enable these businesses to sell either through their website or multiple marketplaces.
  • Zoho CRM/ Hubspot – Even small retailers involved in eCommerce businesses can leverage this cloud-based solution for customer relationship management (CRM) in order to run their business effectively and successfully.
  • Zoho inventory – This cloud-based inventory management software supports vendor-managed inventory as well as lot tracking. It syncs your inventory with multiple sales channels.

Always keep in mind it is not possible to operate your eCommerce business manually in a digital era. 

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